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In Gutter

Standard Valor

Valor’s advanced raised s-curve screen technology handles high water-flow conditions and repels leaf and debris off the gutter guard.

Valor Melt-Away

Melt-Away is a heated gutter guard system that Melt-Away icicles and ice-dams when used with a standard heated cable.

Valor Moss-Away

Moss-Away uses a specialized zinc strip that inhibits moss, algae and fungus growth protecting the roof and gutter system.

Copper Frame

Valor is available by special order in a copper frame. Any wing size and mesh size will apply. Call for details and pricing.

Standing Guard Against Clogged Gutters

America’s #1 gutter guard, prevents water damage to both the fascia board and foundation. During heavy rains, traditional curved gutter guards do not break the water tension from the flow coming off the roof. Valor’s raised screen design pulls water into the gutter for optimal performance.

Why Choose Valor For Your Home?

Rated #1 by NCR: Gutter Protection Review

Protection & Peace Of Mind

Valor protects your gutters from the elements and keeps you off your unsafe ladders.


Clean & Flowing Gutters

Valor's raised s-design lifts and repels debris keeping gutters clean and flowing.


Stops Bug & Pest Infestation

Valor keeps pests and insects from invading and making a mess in your gutters.


Eliminate Moss & Algae Build-Up

Valor Moss Away has a zinc strip that keeps moss and algae from forming in your gutters.


Handles High Water Flow

Valor comes in two screen sizes to meet the needs of your roof and water flow.


Prolong Your Gutter Lifespan

Valor keeps gutters working in optimal shape allowing your gutters to stand the tests of time.

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