Prevents Ice Dams
Protect your home
Stops bugs and pests
Peace of mind year-round
Clean and flowing gutters
Prolong your gutter lifespan
W.U.I. and Class A Fire Compliant
Eliminate moss and algae build-up
Designed and Assembled in the USA
Handles high flow water conditions

Galvanized Steel

Colonial Gray









Colonial Gray


How can I get Valor installed on my home?

Valor Gutter Guards are professionally installed through Valor dealers in our Dealer Network. To find a Valor Dealer in your area, submit the Get Estimate form right from our website.

Why choose Valor?

Valor Gutter Guards offer the most innovative technology and optimal performance that no other product on the market can provide and carries multiple patents. Valor also boasts more happy customers with our Lifetime Warranty.

Do Valor Gutter Guards require maintenance?

All gutter guards require some maintenance. Any claim otherwise is purely untrue. Valor requires a very light maintenance routine. With a simple 25ft extendable painter's pole with a broom brush screwed on upside-down, homeowners can easily sweep lingering debris right off the gutter guards. 

Simple and easy.

Does Valor prevent ice dams and snow from accumulating?

Valor Gutter Guards offer a Melt-Away option for your gutter project. When professionally installed and properly maintained, the Melt-Away option helps mitigate the adverse effects of ice and snow on your gutters.

Will Valor void my roof warranty?
  • No. Valor does not harass or damage your roof or shingles when installed properly, keeping your roof's warranty valid.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Valor comes with the industry’s best limited lifetime warranty. Fully transferable, no-hassle & backed by Artesian Home Products.

Top Rated Gutter Guard

Download our brochure to find out why Valor is the chosen product by the industry’s most trusted consumer advocacy group.


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